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Provident East Lalbagh

Provident East Lalbagh is a housing project located in the eastern part of Bangalore, near Whitefield. It's situated on Soukya Road in Hokote and covers a vast area of 14 acres. This community offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments, providing various options for families of different sizes.

One of the notable features of Provident East Lalbagh is the abundance of living units it offers. With more than 1100 units available, there are plenty of choices for potential residents. The project consists of 9 towers that have been designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living space for its residents.

Provident East Lalbagh is a spacious and well-planned residential project located near Whitefield in East Bangalore, offering a variety of 2 and 3 BHK apartments in 9 towers across a 14-acre area, with more than 1100 units to choose from.

"Home for all," or Provident Housing Limited, is a real estate company that aims to provide inexpensive housing consumers with high-quality, timely-built homes. It was introduced in 2008 and is an additional group of Puravankara Limited. Offering around 15 million square feet of residential space with first-rate amenities, the company is executing ventures in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Mangalore. Considered one of the City's most sought-after inexpensive real estate developers, Provident Housing caters to the demands of lower- and middle-class consumers.

Key Dates:

• Type: Apartment Project
•Units: Luxury Flats
• Sizes: 950 - 1500 sq ft
• Pre-launch Date: Oct 2023
• Completion Date: Dec 2027
• Possession Date: Immediate After Completion

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Provident East Lalbagh Configuration

wleding in llc
Project Location Soukya Road, Bangalore
Total Land Area 14+ Acres
No. of Units Coming soon
Towers and Blocks Coming soon
Unit Variants 2 & 3 BHK
Possession Time Time Onrequest
Rera No NA
Day Outing Resorts in Bangalore

About Provident Housing

 Provident East Lalbagh


Provident Housing is a well-known real estate developer in India with a history that traces its roots to the Puravankara Group. Here is an overview of the history of Provident Housing:

Formation of the Puravankara Group:

Provident Housing is a subsidiary of the Puravankara Group, one of India's leading real estate developers. The Puravankara Group was founded in 1975 by Ravi Puravankara and has a long-standing reputation for delivering quality residential and commercial properties.

Inception of Provident Housing:

Provident Housing was established as a separate entity within the Puravankara Group, focusing primarily on providing affordable housing solutions to the Indian market. The company's mission was to make homeownership more accessible to a wider segment of the population.

Affordable Housing Expertise:

Provident Housing has been dedicated to creating homes that are not only affordable but also meet high standards of quality and design. Their emphasis on affordability without compromising on quality has made them a trusted name in the real estate sector.

Growth and Expansion:

Over the years, Provident Housing has grown and expanded its footprint across various cities in India, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Mangalore. They have successfully completed multiple residential projects and earned the trust of numerous homebuyers.

Innovative Projects:

Provident Housing is known for its innovative residential projects that cater to diverse customer needs. They have developed a wide range of housing options, including apartments, villas, and affordable luxury homes.

Commitment to Quality:

Provident Housing places a strong emphasis on quality construction, use of modern technology, and adherence to ethical business practices. This commitment has contributed to their reputation as a reliable and trusted developer.

Awards and Recognition:

Provident Housing has received several awards and recognitions for their contributions to the real estate industry and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Provident Housing, a subsidiary of the Puravankara Group, has a history rooted in the vision of providing affordable yet high-quality housing solutions to a broad spectrum of homebuyers. Their dedication to affordable housing and their commitment to quality have made them a respected name in the Indian real estate market.

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Provident East Lalbagh Price List

Unit Type Size in Sq.ft Approx. Final Price
1 BHK 586 sft Download
2BHK 964 sft Download
3BHK 1201 sft Download

Provident East Lalbagh Amenities

Basket-Ball Court

Basket-Ball Court

Indoor Games

Indoor Games


Landscape Garden




Parking System


Multi-Purpose Hall

Basket-Ball Court


Indoor Games

Yoga Room


Tennis Court


Play Ground


Swimming Pool


Golf Course

Provident East Lalbagh Floor plan








Provident East Lalbagh Location

 Provident East Lalbagh

Provident East Lalbagh is strategically located in the heart of Bangalore, making it an attractive proposition for both homebuyers and investors. Situated on Soukya Road, this project boasts a prime location with easy access to key areas of the city.

Soukya Road: A Vital Connection

Soukya Road plays a pivotal role in connecting Provident East Lalbagh to the rest of Bangalore. Its significance lies in its accessibility to major commercial and residential zones. The road facilitates seamless travel to the central business district, ensuring that you are well-connected to the bustling life of the city.

Hospitals Near Soukya Road

Miracle Women & Childrens Hospital
Manipal Hospital
Motherhood Clinic
Vydehi Hospital

Schools Near Provident East Lalbagh:

Capstone High CBSE
EuroKids Hoskote
Millennium Public School
New Horizon School
St. Joseph's Convent School
Vibgyor High School

Soukya Road and Its Significance

Soukya Road is not just a connection; it is a lifeline of convenience. With an array of amenities and services along the way, it enhances the overall living experience. Residents of Provident East Lalbagh can enjoy the tranquility of this road while having all the essentials within arm's reach.

A Bright Future for Provident East Lalbagh

Provident East Lalbagh on Soukya Road is an excellent choice for anyone considering an investment in Bangalore's real estate market. With its strategic location, growing popularity of Soukya Road, and an array of amenities, it promises a bright future for investors and a comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Provident East Lalbagh Connectivity

 Provident East Lalbagh

Provident East Lalbagh , nestled in the heart of Whitefield, is more than just a residential haven; it's a gateway to a world of shopping complexes and markets that make Whitefield a shopaholic's paradise. This article delves into the convenience of living at Provident East Lalbagh, with its proximity to the vibrant Soukya Road markets, the Whitefield railway station, the lesser-known Devangonthi railway station, the Kempegowda International Airport, Kadugodi metro station, and the bustling ITPL Metro Station.

Provident East Lalbagh - A Residential Oasis
Provident East Lalbagh is not just a residential complex; it's an oasis in the midst of Whitefield's dynamic environment. With its serene ambiance, state-of-the-art amenities, and spacious homes, it offers the perfect retreat for families and professionals.

Soukya Road Markets - Retail Therapy at Your Doorstep
The Soukya Road markets, located in the vicinity of Provident East Lalbagh, offer an eclectic shopping experience. From clothing to electronics, handicrafts to home decor, you can find it all here. Residents of Provident East Lalbagh can conveniently explore these markets and indulge in retail therapy whenever the mood strikes.

Whitefield Railway Station - Shop on the Go
For those moments when you need to pick up essentials or simply enjoy a quick shopping spree, the Whitefield railway station is your go-to destination. It's more than a transit point; it's a miniature shopping paradise, providing residents of Provident East Lalbagh with the ease of shopping on the go.

Devangonthi Railway Station - A Hidden Gem
Devangonthi railway station, a lesser-known gem, is ideal for those seeking unique and local products. It's the perfect place to discover one-of-a-kind items. Residents of Provident East Lalbagh have the privilege of exploring this less-traveled route to retail therapy.

Kempegowda International Airport - Last-Minute Shopping
Kempegowda International Airport is a stone's throw away from Provident East Lalbagh, making it convenient for residents, especially frequent travelers, to indulge in last-minute shopping at the airport's duty-free shops. Whether you need fashion items, gadgets, or souvenirs, the airport has you covered.

Kadugodi Metro Station - Modern Convenience
The Kadugodi metro station, easily accessible from Provident East Lalbagh, offers a modern shopping experience. With various boutiques, shops, and food stalls, it's a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or a foodie, Kadugodi metro station has something for you.

ITPL Metro Station - A Tech Hub Shopping Experience
For residents with a penchant for tech and convenience, ITPL Metro Station is a must-visit. Located within the heart of Whitefield's IT hub, it offers tech gadgets, along with a variety of restaurants and cafes, making it a great destination for professionals and tech enthusiasts.

Provident East Lalbagh provides residents with the unique advantage of living in close proximity to a variety of shopping complexes and markets, ensuring that retail therapy is always within reach. Whether it's the bustling Soukya Road markets, the convenience of Whitefield railway station, the hidden treasures of Devangonthi railway station, the duty-free shopping at Kempegowda International Airport, the modern experience at Kadugodi metro station, or the tech hub shopping at ITPL Metro Station, residents have a world of shopping at their doorstep.

Advantages of Provident East Lalbagh

 Provident East Lalbagh

Residents can get top luxury flats at Provident East Lalbagh in the neighborhood's prime Soukya Road location. It is a flawless work of art equipped with cutting-edge technologies designed to give customers comfort and relief.

Modern and cutting-edge designs are used in the project to offer the residents tremendous comfort.
Ample space is provided by the project's 2 and 3 BHK homes, which give occupants enough room to breathe.
The project is strategically situated on Soukya Road, which offers quick access to all areas of the city when using the appropriate transit methods.

Investing in Provident East Lalbagh on Soukya Road in Hoskote, East Bangalore, offers several advantages for potential buyers. Here are some key benefits:
Location: Soukya Road is strategically positioned, providing easy access to important areas in and around Bangalore, including Whitefield. This accessibility makes it convenient for daily commuting and accessing essential amenities.

Growing Area:Hoskote is a rapidly developing locality, and investing in this region is a smart move. With the growth in infrastructure and urbanization, property values are likely to appreciate over time, making it a potentially lucrative investment.

Variety of Choices: Provident East Lalbagh offers a range of 2 and 3 BHK apartments. This variety ensures that you can find a living space that suits your needs and preferences.

Large Area: The project's vast 14-acre expanse means that residents will have access to open spaces, greenery, and a more peaceful living environment.
Community Living: Living in a well-planned residential community like Provident East Lalbagh fosters a sense of belonging and community spirit, making it an ideal choice for families.

Amenities: The development is likely to offer various amenities like parks, recreational spaces, and security features, ensuring a comfortable and safe living experience.

Long-Term Value: Investing in real estate often proves to be a valuable long-term asset. As the area continues to grow, the value of your investment is likely to appreciate.

Investing in Provident East Lalbagh on Soukya Road, Hoskote, can be advantageous due to its strategic location, the growth potential of the area, a variety of apartment choices, ample open spaces, and the potential for long-term financial benefits.

Investment in Provident East Lalbagh

 Provident East Lalbagh

The real estate market in Bangalore has been a topic of interest for many investors and homebuyers. If you're looking for the perfect property, Provident East Lalbagh on Soukya Road is an excellent option. In this article, we will explore the location, connectivity, and investment potential of Provident East Lalbagh, offering valuable insights without resorting to overused words like "mesmerizing" or "must-see."

About Bangalore's Real Estate Market
Bangalore's real estate market has been consistently growing. Known as the "Silicon Valley of India," it attracts professionals and investors from all over the country. As a result, the demand for quality housing has surged, making it an ideal time to consider an investment in this city.

Investing in Real Estate in Bangalore
Investing in real estate is often considered one of the safest and most lucrative options. With Bangalore's flourishing IT industry and the influx of professionals, the real estate market is poised for a substantial upswing. Provident East Lalbagh presents a golden opportunity to invest in this promising market.

Provident East Lalbagh's Unique Features
This project is more than just a prime location; it offers a unique set of features that make it stand out. From world-class amenities to thoughtfully designed residences, Provident East Lalbagh has it all. Investors and homebuyers alike are drawn to its potential for high returns and a comfortable lifestyle.

The Growing Popularity of Soukya Road
Soukya Road has been gaining popularity due to its easy connectivity to key landmarks. It has emerged as a hotspot for real estate development, and Provident East Lalbagh is at the forefront of this transformation.

Soukya Road: A Residential Hub
Beyond its connectivity, Soukya Road has seen the emergence of several residential communities. This transformation is making it a sought-after destination for those looking to enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle. Educational and Healthcare Facilities Nearby
One of the major advantages of choosing Provident East Lalbagh is its proximity to top educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Families can enjoy the convenience of having renowned schools and hospitals in the vicinity.

Connectivity and Transportation
The project's location ensures that you are well-connected to the rest of the city through various modes of transportation. Whether you prefer to drive, take public transport, or use app-based services, Provident East Lalbagh caters to your needs.

Investment Opportunities in Provident East Lalbagh
Investors looking for long-term growth and steady rental income will find Provident East Lalbagh an attractive proposition. With the increasing demand for housing in Bangalore, investing here can yield excellent returns.

Amenities for a Modern Lifestyle
Provident East Lalbagh offers a wide range of amenities for a contemporary lifestyle. From fitness centers to recreational areas, the project is designed to cater to the needs and preferences of residents.

Real Estate Trends in Bangalore
Understanding the current real estate trends in Bangalore is crucial for making an informed investment decision. The city's property market is dynamic, and staying updated with the latest developments can be beneficial.

Provident Housing

 Provident East Lalbagh

Being the premier One of the most well-known and reputable real estate companies in India, Provident Housing was founded in 2008 as a division of the Puravankara Group. The organisation, which is headquartered in Bangalore, was founded with Ravi Puravankara's guidance and leadership as the founder and chairman of the Puravankara Group. The organisation was founded to offer trustworthy, reasonably priced, and high-quality homes to common people.

The reasons behind Provident Housing's success
Innovative Design and Architecture
Modern Technology
Exquisite Designs
Affordability and Quality
Transparency and Legal Compliance
Strong Market Presence
Provident Housing in Bangalore
Key Projects in Bangalore

1. Provident Park Square

Located in the heart of Judicial Layout, Kanakapura Road, Provident Park Square offers a luxurious and contemporary living experience. It boasts a wide range of amenities, including a well-equipped clubhouse, a swimming pool, and beautifully landscaped gardens. With its strategic location, it provides easy access to essential facilities, educational institutions, and healthcare services.

2. Provident Sunworth

Provident Sunworth, situated off Mysore Road, redefines urban living. It offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments designed to maximize space and comfort. The project is equipped with amenities like a fully equipped clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, and a jogging track. Provident Sunworth is an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

3. Provident Woodfield

Provident Woodfield is nestled in Bommasandra, one of Bangalore's rapidly developing areas. The project is a testament to Provident Housing's commitment to modern, sustainable living. With beautifully landscaped parks, recreational zones, and sports facilities, it's a holistic living experience for families.


1 • Is Provident East Lalbagh a good investment?

Yes, it's a strategic investment with high potential for returns in Bangalore's growing real estate market.

2• What are the educational facilities near Provident East Lalbagh?

There are several reputed schools and colleges in close proximity.

3• What is the nearest transportation hub to Soukya Road?

The area is well-connected by Metro and bus has easy access to the city's major transportation hubs.

4 • What sets Provident East Lalbagh apart from other real estate projects in Bangalore?

Its prime location, unique features, and growth potential make it a standout choice.

5 • Can I expect good rental income from properties in Provident East Lalbagh?

Yes, given the increasing demand for housing, it offers a good opportunity for rental income.


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